War on Drugs’ Anthony LaMarca selling vintage Fender Jaguar for charity

Anthony LaMarca from the War On Drugs is selling his 1969 Fender Jaguar to raise money for families that have been affected by multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects plasma cells, in his hometown of Youngstown, OH. LaMarca was diagnosed with it last summer, and he decided to sell the guitar to be able to donate money to families affected by the disease. You can make an offer or purchase the guitar for $5,000 here. He shared a statement on the guitar’s Reverb page:

Last summer I found out I had Multiple Myeloma. It was a big shock but everything about it since that could go right has gone right. Including getting a phone call out of the blue from the Spisak-Gaugler family saying that they wanted to provide some financial support to me and my wife to help with medical expenses. Bruce Gaugler was a retired corrections officer here in Youngstown when he died from Multiple Myeloma. His family organized a golf outing while he was alive to help pay some of the bills. When he passed, they decided to keep doing the outing to start helping other families in the area affected by the disease. Since they helped me, I want to help them achieve that goal if I can. All the money from the sale of this guitar will go to their cause, and will help ease the financial burden for some people here. So that’s the deal. Get a sweet guitar and change someone’s life. Sounds like perfect living to me.

The guitar was a gift from friend, French guitarist Thomas Semence, it was used during recordings with Jean-Louis Aubert of the band Téléphone. LaMarca wrote that he played the guitar in studio and while performing lwith the War on Drugs and Dean Wareham. Check out a photo of the guitar above via Reverb.

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