Anna Don’t Disappear, album review

Anna Don’t Disappear is a strong showing out of Toronto based indie band Red Nightfall. The front half of the album sounds okay, slightly predictable even. The front half is reminiscent of bands trying too hard to fit a specific mold. On the second half however, the music becomes more stripped and raw. The band seems to really find a rhythm and a purpose. The second half is considerably more soul baring and raw than the first. It is refreshing to see a band evolve throughout the album. Namely, on the track “St. Petersburg”, it feels like the band is coming into their own as soul felt indie rockers. The track seems to highlight just what the band can do.

    All in all, the album warrants a listen. The emotional honesty of the second half is enjoyable and nice listening. While the front half of the album could use some work, the second half cements Red Nightfall as a band to keep an eye on.


You can listen to the album here.

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