Song Review: Love Galore

Last week, SZA released a new song. It features Travis Scott and is named “Love Galore”. A music video was released along with it and I would advise against watching it at work. Those are the facts. Now for some opinion. The song is great. SZA, as she often does, is able to pair her smooth and sultry voice with minimalistic beats that get out of the way of her voice. Crooning about lost lovers sounds like it could almost turn into the song of the summer between her great singing and Travis Scott’s auto tuned emotion. While Scott often uses auto tune, this slowed down and mellowed song puts the full effect of the software on display. Scott is able to reach out to the listener through the disjointed notes, perfectly capturing the disconnect of emotions. When contrasted with SZA’s clear voice, the effect is nothing short of great.

The music video however, while the butterflies are stunning, comes up short. See for yourself:

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