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Haruomi Hosono reissue series announced

Haruomi Hosono, who performed in Yellow Magic Orchestra and Happy End and is a staple in Japanese music, is getting his music reissued via Light in the Attic. Five of his albums are getting for the first time outside of Japan. The series, which contains Paraiso (1978), Philharmony (1982), and omni Sight Seeing (1989) are set to be out August 10th while Hosono House (1973) and Cochin Moon (1978) are set to be reissued on September 28th. The records include translated interviews with Hosono. Watch the trailer below and find information on the label’s website.

The series’ press release also contains quotes about Hosono’s influence from the likes of Mac DeMarco, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Miho Hatori. “Hosono has been the main reason I’ve continued making music since I was like 19,” said DeMarco.

Björk gives first TV performance in 8 years on “Jools Holland”

Björk was a the musical guest on last night’s episode of “Later… With Jools Holland.” It was her first TV performance in eight years and she performed with an ensemble of flutists for Utopia’s “Courtship” and “The Anchor Song” from her album Debut. Watch it below.

Mutual Benefit announces new album Thunder Follows the Light, shares 2 songs

Jordan Lee, aka Mutual Benefit, has announced a new album called Thunder Follows the Lightset to be out on September 21st via Transgressive. In anticipation of the album release, the project shared two new songs, “New History” and “Storm Cellar Heart.” Listen below.

“I think people in power benefit greatly from a general lack of historic memory in the United States,” Lee explained “New History” in a statement. “I’ve been wondering if the first step in imagining a more just world is to study our history better, not just the linear revisionist one that is oft-repeated but all the unsung champions of equal rights as well as the acts of unthinkable cruelty that humans are also capable of.”

Watch Angel Olsen and Jim James cover Sonny & Cher

David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption hailed to New York at Brooklyn Steel this last weekend with acts such as Animal Collective, Angel Olsen, Au Revoir Simone, Flying Lotus, Jim James, Jon Hopkins, and Rebekah Del Rio. During the second night, Angel Olsen and Jim James performed together. During of which, they covered the Sonny & Cher song “Baby Don’t Go.” Watch it happen below thanks to Stereogum.


The Melodic Tree’s Weekly Playlist

1. Horny Hippies – The Dodos

2. Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers

3. Visitation – Pool Holographs

4. Christa – Totally Mild

5. Escapade – Noir Disco

6. Baby Luv – Nilüfer Yanya

7. Scenes from a Midnight Movie – Blood Cultures

8. Follow Me Down – Renata Zeiguer

9. Back Bar – The Ocean Party

10. Meet Me in the Middle – Ciggie Witch

11. Boyfriend – The Goon Sax

12. I Kiss the Flowers in Bloom – Close Lobsters

13. Fisher – Camel Power Club

14. Ann Wants to Dance – Papooz

15. How Much (You Want Her) 2017 – Isaac Delusion

16. China White – Peak Twins

17. The Bus Song – Jay Som

18. Ain’t Horrible – Crepes

19. Our Place – Verge Collection

20. You Know I Love You – Big White

Aesop Rock shares new song “Klutz”

Aesop Rock has released a new song called “Klutz,” accompanied by a video directed by Rob Shaw. Shaw also directed Rock’s animated video “Shrunk” from Rock’s last album, The Impossible Kid. Watch it below.Aesop shared in a press release, “Klutz is such a moment. I had started a couple things to this beat before sacrificing it to the gods of not-shutting-up, but this seemed a fitting fate.”

Watch Courtney Barnett perform “Nameless, Faceless” on “Fallon”

Last night, Courtney Barnett performed “Nameless, Faceless” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Watch the performance below. The song is on her latest album Tell Me How You Really Feel, which is out today via Mom+Pop/Marathon Artists/Milk!.