Have a Great Summer! EP – Smallpools

Smallpools have made a name for themselves across America with their catchy lyrics and strong melodies. Having toured the United States, opening for bands such as Vampire Weekend and Walk the Moon, they have been able to promote their most recent EP, Have a Great Summer!. Members, Sean Scanlon on vocals and keyboards, Mike Kamerman on guitar, Joseph Intile on bass, and Beau Kuther on drums, all met after moving to Los Angeles to further their music careers. There, they worked with producer trio Captain Cuts and released their first single, “Dreaming” for the EP.

As the second song written by the band, Smallpools never anticipated Dreaming to become as big of a song as it did. Originally a verse that was supposed to be meshed with their second single, Over and Over, the band felt as though it should be its own song. The melody on this track is bright and the guitar riffs will stay on your mind for days. Dreaming has elements of showing the band’s talents of mixing vibrant synth-heavy elements and catchy instrumentals. Overall, this song is nothing short of the essential pop song on any playlist.

The songs Over and Over and Mason Jar are among the best examples of strong vocals and drumming that seems to carry the song as well as the synthesizer does on the EP. The guitar track in No Story Time stood out the most as throughout the song, it remained breezy and subtle.

Overall, the vocals remain memorable and the melodies, although somewhat repetitive at times, are catchy. Smallpools remain reminiscent of other snythpop bands such as Phoenix and Passion Pit  but it can be easy for such an up and coming band to get lost in such a large genre. It seems as though they have been able to distinguish themselves in the music scene as they tour America.. Just like last summer, Smallpools will become a hit with people looking for in-the-moment pop music and will draw larger audiences as they continue touring with Neon Trees and perform at Lollapalooza.

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