Warpaint – Warpaint

As their first album that they have written together as a band, Warpaint’s self-titled album, Warpaint, is a minimalist sound that seems to suit Warpaint and their music. Formed on Valentine’s Day 2004, the current line-up for the band consists of Emily Kokal on vocals and guitar, Theresa Wayman on guitar and vocals as well, Jenny Lee Lindberg bass and backing vocals, and Stella Mozgawa on drums. Written mostly onstage during soundchecks, Warpaint worked on the songs more with acoustic guitars and percussion once back in the studio. Warpaint has a different sound to it than their first album, The Fool, as Warpaint has a much richer depth to it.

With ghostly vocals, Wayman and Kokal have an alluring appeal to their voices, which can draw an audience in. Lyrically, Warpaint is focused more on the distant and vacancy vocals rather than emotional depth in the writing. However, they do still have a kind of urgency to them that make the vocals even more intriguing. There is something entrancing on this album when it comes to the vocals. Whether it is the softness of the voices of Wayman and Kokal or the hypnotic tone of their voices.

With fascinating rhythms and an abundance of interesting guitar melodies, Warpaint is something that is full of lovely and layered music. Dynamics are subtle but ever so important throughout the album as the music climaxes and then meet its quiet end. There are few parts throughout the album that this subtleness is a bit off putting, such as in “CC,” but then again, this is what makes the album what it is. Also, their mixture of electronic sounds with acoustic guitar and drum machines seem to add an effect to Warpaint’s music that makes them unique to themselves.

Warpaint has certain sound to them that draws listeners in from the first lesson. Whether it is their soft vocals or intriguing mixture of electronics and guitar, there is something that anyone can find in Warpaint that they like. Warpaint’s psychedelic ambience in their experiment of a second album is something that will take patience to fully appreciate but worth the experience.

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