Young & Sick – Young & Sick

The brainchild of Dutch artist, Nick Van Hofwegen, Young & Sick is a music and art project that has created artwork for musicians such as Foster the People and Mikky Ekko. He recently released a self-titled album on Harvest Records, Young & Sick is definitely a band to watch. Young & Sick has a lot to offer with groovy R&B melodies, powerful vocals, and interesting rhythms. The writing, performance, production, and album artwork was all done by Hofwegen and this album is a stunning debut by the artist. Young & Sick has positively-charged music but can transition to jazzy slow ballads with ease.

Hofwegen’s vocals are smooth and breezy and gives Young & Sick elements that adds a charming mood to the grooves of the synthesizers. His falsettos are impressive throughout the album and he knows his abilities and never tries to force it upon listeners. The harmonies are soft and gives a sort of calming nature to his falsetto. The album has some fun lyrics in it that are memorable, especially in “Mangrove,” and gives the album an alluring atmosphere. The vocal trills on Young & Sick are amazing and the gospel-like tones throughout the album are fascinating.

Young & Sick has incredibly groovy synthesizer melodies and rhythms and this album effectively shows that Hofwegen can develop his own sound without straying far from his influences. There is something unique to Hofwegen’s instrumentations, whether it is his laid back tiempo or his captivating usage of the synthesizer. The bass line at the end of “Counting Raindrops” is amazing and gives the song an infectious feeling to it. The mixture of R&B beats with retro synths and modern technology gives a sound to Young & Sick that is unique to him.

With impressive harmonies and rhythms, there is no doubt that Young & Sick will establish himself not only as an artist but also as a musician with this debut album. With various stand out tracks such as “Mangrove” and “Counting Raindrops,” this self-titled debut will launch Hofwegen’s career further than where it has gone thus far.

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