Basic Vacation – Basic Vacation

Basic Vacation exploded into the music scene with their new self-titled EP, Basic Vacation. With heavy classic rock influences growing up, vocalist and guitarist Chris Greatti, bassist Jon Paul, and drummer Mike Montalbano have played in almost 12 different bands between themselves before joining forces into making Basic Vacation. The chemistry in Basic Vacation makes their music all the more interesting. Coming from humble beginnings as musicians, it seems as though with this release Basic Vacation will make it huge.

The vocals on Basic Vacation are typical to pop rock, in the sense that they are as uplifting as they are catchy. This uplifting mood to their music seems to be a key element in Basic Vacation’s sound, especially in their hit single, “I Believe.” With soaring vocals and playful choruses, Basic Vacation seems to have a sound similar to Imagine Dragons and the Killers. Their emotionally charged lyrics about love, heartbreak and making it big in the music industry will instantly draw the listener into the EP.

Whether it is their simple yet interesting melodies or their kick drum-driven rhythms, there is something about the instrumentation that are instantly memorable. With a surge of cheery guitar riffs, Basic Vacation sound seems to be perfect for  tv commercials as it is breezy and sounding almost effortless. The synthesizer is smooth throughout the EP and Basic Vacation seems to know how to balance the modern electronic sound with their classic instrumentation.

This EP displays that Basic Vacation have a bright career ahead of them as they continue to tour and perform at festivals. Basic Vacation has come a long way from where they were over a year ago as struggling musicians. There is no doubt that this young band will blow up in the pop rock scene as they release their new album.

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