The Colourist – The Colourist

After the release of their first EP, Lido, and garnering attention for their single, “Little Games,” the Colourist’s new self-titled album, The Colourist combines everything that the band has worked towards. This Orange County quartet consists of Adam Castilla on vocals and guitar, Maya Tuttle on drums and vocals, Kollin Johannsen on guitar, and Justin Wagner on bass and keyboard. Originally collaborating together in the band, Paper Thin Walls, Castilla and Tuttle eventually branched off together to front the Colourist together. The band most certainly have their own sound, however, on The Colourist, it seems as though they are still trying to form it.

Upbeat vocals are met with lyrics about love and heartbreak on The Colourist and the majority of the lyrics never seem to want to stray from living in the moment. But, this theme about young love and living in the now seems to be a bit too r Tuttle’s bright vocals contrasts Castilla’s timid but strong singing. The harmonies between the two vocalists are what makes the album standout as they are both catchy and lively. Tuttle’s bright vocals contrast Castilla’s timid but strong singing. The harmonies between the two vocalists are what makes the album standout because of how catchy and lively they are.

The Colourist’s usage of full-band instrumentation gives them somewhat of a more natural sound to their powerpop music. Throughout The Colourist, the guitar is animated and energetic. The entire album has a sort of 80’s feel to it with their polished guitar riffs and piano. The drums on this record are simple, with straightforward rhythms and an upbeat flow. Tuttle makes danceable dance beats even without the use of a drum machine. This easiness adds to the tone of the album, bright and carefree. The Colourist adds their own organic twist to powerpop in this debut.

The Colourist shows that on this debut, they can make light and memorable indie pop, but it seems as though in today’s music world, this is nothing out of the ordinary. Even with that in mind, there is no doubt that this debut by the Colourist is fun and, with pun intended, colorful.

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