The New Pornographers Create Their Own Signature Coffee

Following the lead of St. Vincent, who recently teamed up with Intelligentsia Coffee, the New Pornographers are creating their own brand of coffee, Brill Brew.

Drawing it’s name from the band’s first release in four years, Brill Bruisers. Collaboration began when Intelligentsia invited Carl Newman to sample coffee after the company heard the band were avid coffee drinkers. The coffee is described as “cheerful and sweet” and said to have flavors of “mango, nectarine and green apple shine.”

Newman said in a statement, “As absurd as it may seem for us to have a signature blend, I think it is important that there is some sort of marker, some flag planted in the earth, so that whoever walks into Intelligentsia, whoever drinks this, will know: ‘The New Pornographers really really loved coffee.’”

Pre-orders for the coffee are available and with every purchase, there is a free download to the Brill Bruisers LP. A bundle is also available, which comes with two tote bags and two coffee mugs.

Brill Bruisers is due out August 26th, and the New Pornographers have a tour lined-up in the fall in support, including a date at Riot Fest Toronto.

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