Artist to Watch: Jordan Velez

Oh, melancholic ballads about love, and heartbreak, and the complicated love-hate relationship we have with them. On one hand, there is something about them that tugs the heartstrings in us all, and on the other, there always seems to be something about them that always sounds (even if vaguely) so similar to each other. But, it seems as though Jordan Velez, singer-songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, and a seemingly busy person overall, adds his own darker twist to these ballads. Whether or not you have had your heart shattered or not, there seems to be an element in Velez’s songwriting that everyone seems to relate to.

Originally getting into music when he was seven and his father introduced him to the beat machine and taught him how to layer synthesizer ok top of drum and bass and so on and so forth. Ever since then he has not stopped making music, ranging from simple beats with synth melodies, or vocals over chord progressions.

Whether you have been listening to Velez since his debut and eagerly awaiting his latest album or a new fan casually listening, there is something in his music for everyone.

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