Weezer Releases New Song

Weezer recently released “Lonely Girl” which is featured on their new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End which will be released on October 6. It is the band’s latest album since Hurley in 2010.

in an recent interview, Rivers Cuomo said, “I think there are a few ways of adjusting to the new world where people don’t listen to albums anymore – they listen to playlists or just buy singles – and maybe we’ve tried to evolve with the time, but you know that’s not who we are, so ultimately this time we’re going all in again and we’re going to make a great rock album like the good old days and put everything we have into it,” he said. “Maybe no one will appreciate it that way but we think that it’s what our core fans really want from us and that’s what we’re best at.”

The Everything Will Be Alright In The End tracklisting is:

“Ain’t Got Nobody”
“Back to the Shack”
“Eulogy For A Rock Band”
“Lonely Girl”
“I’ve Had It Up To Here”
“The British Are Coming”
“Da Vinci”
“Go Away”
“Foolish Father”
“The Futurescope Trilogy”
“i. The Waste Land”
“ii. Anonymous”
“iii. Return to Ithaka”

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