Beady Eye announces split

Beady Eye, fronted by Liam Gallagher, have announced their split. Gallagher tweeted the news Saturday morning, tweeting, “Beady Eye are no longer. Thanks for all your support. LGx.”

Gallagher formed the band in 2009 sith former Oasis guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell and drummer Chris Sharrock. As well as former Kasabian bassist, Jay Mehler. Beady Eye originally began as an attempt to continue musically as the lineup of Oasis after members decided they would “not quit making music together” even though Gallagher had a messy departure from Oasis in August 2009. They released two studio albums, Different Gear, Still Speeding and BE.

Gallagher gave no reason to the split, the band could have just simply dwindled. Archer suffered a skull fracture last fall after falling down stairs of his home, which led to the cancellation of tour dates. They played a series of shows earlier this year in the UK, but have been inactive since a Japanese stint in March and Coachella in April. NME points out that the band had also split with their manager, Scott Rodger, this past January.

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