Riot Fest owes Humboldt Park $182,000 in repairs

We all know music festivals are expensive to coordinate and plan, thus making unwelcome weather a costly aspect. The Chicago Tribute reports that Riot Fest owes Humboldt Park $182,000 in repairs from the festival this year. This is triple the amount the festival owed in 2013.

Rain was a factor in this year’s Riot Fest making Humboldt Park a muddy mess. Park district spokeswomen Jessica Maxey-Faulkner stated that there are currently repairs in progress, park district spokeswoman Jessica Maxey-Faulkner said.

There are some stretches where grass seed was put down and are fenced off in order to let the grass grow. However, according to the park district, the park should be ready for the public in the spring.

Officials estimate that the landscape repairs to the park would make Riot Fest organizers owe $182,000, which is more than triple the $54,300 that was estimated to have costed the organizers in grounds repairs last year.

This year, organizers say that Riot Fest was twice the size of last year’s site. The festival was on park property which has borders on North Avenue to the north, Division Street to the south, California Avenue to the east and Kedzie Avenue to the west.

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