Banshee Bones: the unstoppable traveling band

Having released their latest album, Birds of Prey, over a year ago, there is no stopping the high-energy rock band, Banshee Bones, from playing shows virtually nonstop. Currently on their Last Legs tour, the band has been on the road for eleven weeks and will continue to be for the next four, capping it off at a show in Las Vegas on December 12.

A rock band based out of Los Angeles, California, Banshee Bones are tirelessly making new material and touring. Brothers, Eugene (lead singer) and Ryan Rice (drummer), met Joe Perez (guitarist) and Salem Romo (bassist) at the famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, while studying there. Behind their eccentric name, Eugene describes it as the fact that “the banshee in Irish mythology is supposed be kinda like the grim reaper it comes and brings souls that are lost back to where they started so it is kinda harrowing or beckoning to bring people back to [like] the roots of rock.”

Touring and constantly being on the move leaves the young band with various opportunities and bizarre experiences. Whether it is being held up at gun point or playing at the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival, the band will be left with stories for years to come. Hailing their recent show in Seattle as one of their best shows, one of the reasons was due to the crowd response and the city’s love for old school rock.

The inspiration behind Birds of Prey was to put something different from their previous releases, Life & Limb and Banshee Bones. Explaining that the band gathered inspiration from themselves, Perez stated that “I think we kinda inspired ourselves to put out something new and better than our old stuff and I think we kinda zoned in on that and wanted to make a really original, creative, new album and go on a little bit of a different direction than our EP was.” Eugene added that they did not want to put out the same type of material they have done in the past because “that’s not what being a musician is.” Romo said that he wanted to make something “harder and more rock’n’roll.”

Currently playing shows in Texas, the band plans to play shows on their way back to California such as Tucson and Prescott. For the dates, the remaining dates are below.

Last Legs tour dates:

11/20 Houston TX @ Acadia
11/21 Houston TX @ Super Fun Land
11/22 Port Arthur TX @ Kings
11/28 Fort Worth TX @ Cowtown Bowling Palace
11/29 Marfa TX @ Padres
12/4 Tucson AZ @ Sky Bar
12/5 Prescott AZ @ The Drunken Lass
12/6 Phoenix AZ @ Chopper Johns
12/7 Prescott AZ @ Hooligans Irish Pub
12/10 Hollywood CA @ Boardners/Club Moscow
12/11 Ventura CA @ Sans Scoui Cocktail Lounge
12/12 Las Vegas NV @ The Hard Hat

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