An app offers unlimited concerts for $25 a month

Concert tickets tend to be dominated by large companies such as Ticketmaster and StubHub. However, there is a new startup that could change the market with their new approach: offering their users unlimited subscriptions to concerts around their city for $25 a month.

The idea for the app, Jukely, comes from the idea of concert promoter Bora Celik and co-designer of Kickstarter, Andrew Cornett. The app uses a method in order to figure out your taste in music and will match you with people who like the same kind and will suggest concerts you could go together. The app, according to the co-creators, have already claimed 30 million people and their friends via the platform.

The catch, because there’s always one, is that it does not have access to concerts from bigger acts. Instead, the app is supposed to “fill the room and expose folks to bands that are just starting to blow up, but have enough of a presence to sell a few of their own tickets, too.”

How exactly will Jukely be able to provide so many concerts to their users? The app, according to Celik, is a “win-win” for both the app and concert promoters because both will be able to garner revenue from originally unsold tickets. But, what has remained unclear is whether or not the artist will receive a chunk.

Launched last April during Techstars New York City conference, Jukely raised $2.5 million just last month thanks to a number of sponsors, such as Spotify and Northzone.

The app currently is operating in 17 venues in New York City and will expand in the upcoming future. The company hopes to use the money it has raised to expand into Los Angeles and San Francisco early next year.

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