The Melodic Tree’s top 10 albums of the year

10. Post Tropical – James Vincent McMorrow: The dramatic change between Post Tropical and Early In The Morning was something that was shocking and yet extraordinary at the same time. McMorrow’s shift from folk to a more soulful sound seems to suit his voice that can hit beautiful falsettos.

9. Be Impressive – The Griswolds: Australian pop-rock rarely sounded as good. With catchy guitar riffs, such as in their hit song, “Beware the Dog,” and infectious lyrics, this is a stellar debut album from the Griswolds.

8. Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters: The concept of this album is one-of-a-kind and the way the Foo Fighters recorded it was original to say the least. Collaborating with different bands in each of the cities where they recorded, it is undoubtedly the most creative album of the year. Even with all of these collaborations, there is still the climatic sound of the band laced into it.

7. Supermodel – Foster the People: Foster the People returned this year with what feels like one of the best pop albums of the year. The dark lyrics are matched cool and bubbly instrumentals making the themes in this album virtually inconspicuous.

6. Everything Will Be Alright in the End – Weezer: The comeback from Weezer seems like a breath of fresh air from their previous two records, Raditude and Hurley. The hooks on this album return and gives the fans just want they want. It is reminiscent of their old days and yet guides us into their future.

5. They Want My Soul – Spoon: This follow-up to their 2010 Transference feels as though it’s a new era for Spoon and this is their first album with new guitar and piano player, Alex Fischel. This is a great comeback for the band after taking a few years off. There are hints of new influences throughout the album and yet, there is still the grit that has given Spoon their signature sound.

4. Sun Structures – Temples: The debut from Temples is the perfect album for anyone nostalgic for the 1960’s and 1970’s. With mellow vocals and keyboards, there is no doubt that Temples understand their abilities. The rhythms from drummer, Samuel Toms, on this album are beyond what most bands as young as they are capable of doing.

3. Singles – Future Islands: 2014 was quite the breakout year for Future Islands and it’s obvious with this album why so. The emotions in the lyrics and voice of Samuel Herring are strong and the backing instruments are just as climatic. The synthesizer on this album is one of the many elements that make this album so phenomenal. Singles is of those albums that will be on anyone’s playlist.

2. Young & Sick – Young & Sick: Artist and musician, Nick Hofwegen goes under the pseudonym of Young and Sick for both his art and music. His self-titled debut is a synth-driven R&B album with infectious bass lines. Whether or not you like R&B, Hofwegen seems to incorporate so much into the songs on this album, there is at least one element that everyone will like.

1. Strange Desire – Bleachers: Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desire can seemingly transport its listeners to a John Hughes movie. With climatic songs such as “I Wanna Get Better” and “Rollercoaster” that brings his melancholic lyrics together with intricate melodies and create something refreshing in the world of alternative rock. Frontman, Jack Antonoff creates new and exciting concepts on this album whether it is eccentric collaborations with Yoko Ono or incorporating Grace Dunham’s, Lena Dunham’s younger sister, talking about graduating college into his music.

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