This company call themselves the Netflix of vinyl

Costumers use Netflix for a number of reasons, including the ability to binge watch anything they could think of. Now there is a service called VNYL that is marketing itself as the “Netflix of vinyl records.”

The company is very straightforward. Subscribers choose between categories called #vibes that include #cooking, #betweenthesheets, #rainyday, and #work. There on, the company will send a pack of LPs depending on the selection the customer chose. Users can either keep the LPs for $12 each or return a record for another at the end of the month.

Company founder Nick Alt told Mic recently: “Right now I feel penalized for not being able to share what I’m listening to and get decent recommendations on vinyl that I may be into. [The inspiration for VNYL] was taking some of the best parts of Beats, Spotify and SoundCloud and translating them into a tangible experience.”

In the last year of 2014, people bought approximately 9.2 million records, the highest number since Nielsen began tracking in 1991.

This new company has its competitors, namely the subscription service of Vinyl Me which sends its subscribers a limited-edition LP every month for $23. On the European competition, the company Wax & Stamp and Klekt will open later this year.

There are questions about whether the quality will maintain after repeated usage and returning as well as possibly scratching the LP and what that could do on a customer’s equipment. It could also be harder to bring subscribers in due to their nearby record stores.

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