Alamo Basement Sessions: January

San Antonio is on its way to creating a new and exciting music scene that has seemingly grown over the last several years. Music store, Alamo Music, now hosts a series of local bands once a month, beginning last month (December 2014). The inaugural session began with a kick with San Antonio bands, You and I Underwater and Televangelist. This month’s basement session was no different.

Starting the night with Tera Ferna, the band premiered new songs off of their upcoming record, which is due out in the fall. The indie rock outfit is native to San Antonio and began initially as a solo project by the lead singer. Matt Charles. As time went by, Charles added bassist, Brandon Kent, guitarist James Perez and formed the band, which was later joined by keyboardist Richard Castillo and drummer Anthony Washington. Richard Castillo came roaring in on keys followed by Anthony “Junie” Washington who keeps it tight in the pocket behind the drums. Rolling out song after song, the band had endless energy bringing out piano melodies and guitar solos.

Following Tera Ferna, Lonely Horse, a dark folk rock duo, began after singer and guitarist, Nick Long burned incense around the basement. After a speech given in order to fix technical difficulties, the duo went from song to song in an effortless-like attitude. During a particularly exuberant guitar solo, Long spontaneously unplugged his guitar and yet continued his solo and returned to his feet and plugged in a new guitar. Using his pedal board to create the atmosphere of multiple songs and sampled his own voice, as well as members of the audience’s. Drummer Travis Hild performed an impressive drum solo which flowed into a couple more songs until the end of their explosive set. There is most definitely something about Lonely Horse that shows that at every set, not only at these sessions, that they are a force to be reckoned with.

the next Alamo Basement session is February 21, you can RSVP and find more information on the even through its Facebook page.

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