Twigs accuse FKA Twigs of stealing its name

Singer FKA twigs was known as simply “Twigs” until she found out that there was another act that had that name. The Chicago alt-pop act, The Twigs, have been playing as a group since the 1990’s and got the name first, Tahlia Barnett offered the band $15,000 for the name in 2013 but Linda and Laura Good turned the offer down. This is why Barnett added FKA to the name.

However, Billboard reports that wasn’t enough for The Twigs and they wanted a restraining order from Barnett to stop her from using “FKA twigs” as her name. The company that runs Barnett’s label, The Beggars Group, argued that acts have had made similar changes to their names to avoid any copyright infringement and therefore the Goods did not ultimately receive their restraining order. However, the sisters did keep the right to sue which they might do.

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