Ryan Adams announces live album for Carnegie Hall

Ryan Adams performed two career-spanning shows at Carnegie Hall in New York in November. Adams now is set to release a compilation of recordings from both nights into a live album through is Pac-Am Records. 

The album, named Live at Carnegie Hall, spans 42 tracks including “My Winding Wheel”, “Am I Safe”, “Come Pick Me Up,” and previously unreleased songs, “This Is Where We Meet In My Mind” and “How Much Light.” The album is set to be released on April 21st in a six album 180-gram box set and will also be available digitally.

The abridged version entitled Ten Songs From Live at Carnegie Hall will be available then as well. The track list includes 10 tracks including the previously unheard songs. The abridged version is due out on June 9th in an 140-gram vinyl, CD, and a digital download. 

Pre-orders have begun for both albums here. The tracklisting for both can be found below.  

Live at Carnegie Hall Tracklist:
01. Gimme Something Good
02. Oh My Sweet Carolina
03. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
04. My Winding Wheel
05. Trouble
06. Nobody Girl
07. On Broadway
08. Halloween
09. New York, New York
10. Please Do Not Let Me Go
11. Rats In The Wall
12. Why Do They Leave
13. Sylvia Plath
14. Crossed-Out Name
15. This Is Where We Meet In My Mind
16. If I Am A Stranger
17. Amy
18. English Girls Approximately
19. Avenues
20. Come Pick Me Up
21. Oh My Sweet Carolina
22. My Winding Wheel
23. Dirty Rain
24. My Wrecking Ball
25. New York New York
26. Friends
27. Am I Safe
28. Ashes And Fire
29. Gimme Something Good
30. Why Do They Leave
31. Off Broadway
32. The Hardest Part
33. The Rescue Blues
34. Lucky Now
35. Dear Chicago
36. Desire
37. How Much Light
38. Firecracker
39. Kim
40. Call Me On Your Way Back Home
41. Black Sheets Of Rain
42. Come Pick Me Up

Ten Songs From Live At Carnegie Hall Tracklist:
01. Oh My Sweet Carolina (11/15)
02. Nobody Girl (11/15)
03. New York, New York (11/15)
04. Sylvia Plath (11/15)
05. This Is Where We Meet In My Mind (11/15)
06. My Wrecking Ball (11/17)
07. Gimme Something Good (11/17)
08. How Much Light (11/17)
09. Kim (11/17)
10. Come Pick Me Up (11/17)

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