Airbnb is renting out Kurt Cobain’s former Los Angeles apartment

As the new documentary about Kurt Cobain, named Montage of Heck, promised to bring an incredibly and unprecedented look in his life through unreleased home videos and demos, fans can get an even deeper look into Cobain’s life by renting his former SoCal apartment. The apartment is currently being rented through Airbnb. 

The apartment is located in the Melrose/Fairfax area in Los Angeles and is a one-bedroom place which was apparently the living space for Conain and Courtney Love between 1991 and 1992. 

The owner Brandon writes: “At the time, Kurt was focused on song writing and his artwork, much of which was created in the apartment. He was particularly into painting during this time and even decorated the walls in the living room and bedroom. His favorite spot in the house: the bathtub. In it, he wrote the song ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’”

The cost to stay at the apartment is $150/night, $798/week and $3800/month. Look at the current pictures of the space below and go here for more information.




The documentary about Cobain’s life, Montage of Heck, is currently showing in select theaters before its television premiere on HBO on May 4th.  

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