Christoph Waltz to make directorial debut and star in The Worst Marriage in Georgetown

Christoph Waltz will make his directorial debut with The Worst Marriage in Georgetown as well as star in it. The announcement comes just as the production company, V0ltage Pictures, has agreed to finance and produce the film, which will be pitched at Cannes in the coming weeks.

Based on a New York Times Magazine article of the same name written by Franklin Foer, the film tells the story of Albercht Muth, an eccentric socialite who married at 26 to a 71-year-old wealthy widow named Viola Drath. Now 30 years later, Muth beats Drath to death in their bathroom, something he was found guilty of in 2014 and is sentenced to serve 50 years in a federal prison.

Muth, during their marriage, took up the personas of a US Army officer, a count, a spy, and an Iraqi general, all tho his wife’s amusement and pleasure. Regardless of trying to plead insanity before being found same, Muth maintains that he is innocent. He claims an Iranian hit was put on him due to his allegiance to Iraq, and Drath was murdered in a fight with an assassin. In a letter he wrote about his conviction, he called “on my Iranian brothers to advise the U.S. government of my innocence.”

The representation of the story on screen will start production on October 12th. David Auburn, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Proof, is writing the script. Waltz will also produce along with Erica Steinberg, from Inglorious Basterds, and Nicolas Chartier.

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