Albert Hammond Jr. announces new solo album, premieres “Born Slippy”

The Strokes Albert Hammond Jr. will release a new solo album named Momentary Masters on July 31st. This is the follow-up of his 2008 album, ¿Cómo Te Llama? and the AHJ EP from 2013. Compared to his previous releases, which are put out on Julian Casablanca’s Cult Records, the album will be released through Vagrant Records. The album cover is above.

Produced by Gus Oberg, a longtime Strokes collaborator, Momentary Master will also have a handful of collaborators for the recording sessions including guitarists Mon Khmer’s Hammarsing Kharhmar and Bleachers’ Mikey Hart, bassist Jordan Brooks, and drummer Jeremy Gustin.

The first preview of the LP is “Born Slippy” which is can be listened to below.

Momentary Masters Tracklist:
01. Born Slippy
02. Power Hungry
03. Caught By My Shadow
04. Coming to Getcha
05. Losing Touch
06. Don’t Think Twice
07. Razors Edge
08. Touché
09. Drunched In Crumbs
10. Side Boob

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