The Lighthouse and the Whaler share new song “I Want to Feel Alive”

If the band name has not already given it away, The Lighthouse and The Whaler are literary fans. The Moby Dick allusion is perfect for the indie rock outfit from Cleveland, having done most of their early career across the country looking out for their sound and getting new members since their creation in 2008. Now, two albums and three EPs later, the band is beginning to go on a new voyage. They  holed themselves up in Montreal to record their latest album, Mont Royal, which is due out on August 28th through Roll Call Records. They are now giving a sample of the new LP through their latest single, “I Want To Feel Alive”.

The band has said in a statement: “This song almost didn’t come with us to Canada, before we left we were kind of stuck on where to go with it, but once we got in the studio and really began to feel the connection we had with the place, it evolved into a song that really moved us.”

The track has the drama of classic literature with their significant vocals and guitars that have an emphasis on reverb. Listen to it here.

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