Unsound Festival concerts cancelled following satanism accusations

After claims that Poland’s Unsound Festival, that is starting tomorrow in Krakow, “promotes and propagates Satanism,” festival organizers have been forced to find different venues for several concerts scheduled to take place in two churches. “These accusations, initially made in a letter to St. Catherine’s Church, are completely unfounded, unreasonable, and slanderous,” the festival’s organizers wrote in an official statement on the Unsound website. “They undermine the good name of the festival, which since 2003 has been an enthusiastic participant in Krakow’s cultural life…We of course categorically deny that Satanism is now or has ever been promoted at our festival. The goal of the Unsound festival has always been bringing artists and audiences together in the promotion of art and culture.”

Officials at St. Catherine’s Church have decided to cancel a show from Britsh neofolk group, Current 93. “We are especially sorry because David Tibet — the founder and leader of Current 93 — sent us a statement in which he explains his faith as a Christian, as he has many times in interviews,” festival organizers say. “This letter was forwarded to the church, but without effect. He is upset and hurt by the fact we are now forced to change venues.” Also, Pitchfork reports that other shows at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul have been canceled as well. Pianist John Tilbury, jazz guitarist Raphael Roginski, and experimental electronic musician Rrose were scheduled to perform surprise sets at the venue.

Read the festival and Tibet’s statements here. Unsound starts tomorrow, October 11th and continues through the 18th, with this year’s theme being “surprise,” so no full lineup as been announces, but the confirmed performers are Andy Stott, Tim Hecker, Liturgy, Greg Fox, HEALTH, and Holly Herndon.

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