Ernest Gonzales, Mark Redito, Skylar Spence at the Paper Tiger (live review)

Ever since growing to popularity with songs like Fiona Coyne and Mr. Wonderful, Skylar Spence (fka Saint Pepsi) has returned to San Antonio, but now with a full band. On October 29th, 2015, Skylar Spence, along with Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid) and Ernest Gonzales, who is a local DJ in San Antonio, performed at the Paper Tiger in the midst of a tour in support of Spence’s first album under his new name, Prom King.

Ernest Gonzales played an energetic set to start out the night as people filed into the venue. He played remixes mostly, however, it still got the crowd moving and ready for the rest of the night. The ambiance he set created the tone of the night: energetic and lively.


Redito has an undeniable stage presence as he played his remixes of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and the standard iPhone text and notification tones. Although there was a brief stint where he had to restart his computer due to technical difficulties, thus halting the set, he continued with as much enthusiasm and energy as before he got the spinning wheel of death. Also playing originals, including tracks off of his 2014 album, Promises. Dancing and jumping around the stage and consistently interacting with the crowd, he never seemed to stand still during the whole set, except for the computer restarting incident.


By the time Skylar Spence and Co. walked onto the stage, the intensity in the room had risen to the highest it had been all night and the band flew into their set, beginning “Private Caller.”  Spence mentioned during the set that he and the band felt like San Antonio was going to be one of their best shows of the tour during soundcheck, and they did not hold back their excitement about it. Jokes about Boston were said, breakfast taco suggestions were given out, and there was a short speech from Spence about how everyone who went to the show was “Mr. Wonderful.” It was an extremely upbeat performance from the band, each member getting into their performance and overall seemingly enjoying themselves.

Catch Skylar Spence and the band on the rest of tour which can be checked out below.


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