Stream Grimes’ new album Art Angels

Grimes released her new album, Art Angels, via 4AD today. Spotify users can stream the album. It is also available through Apple Music.

The 15-track LP is Claire Boucher’s fourth following the 2012 Visions. The result of months of writing and time in the studio came only acter Boucher had scrapped an entire collection of songs.

One song on the album, called “Kill V Maim,” was written in the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather Pt 2. “Except he’s a vampire who can switch gender and travel through space,” she said to Q.

According to an interview with Dazed and Confused, there is a song “from the perspective of a butterfly in the Amazon as people are cutting down trees; there’s a song that’s from the perspective of angels who are polluted, so they’re crying polluted tears.”

Purchase the album here.

Art Angels Tracklist:
01. laughing and not being normal
02. California
03. SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes)
04. Flesh without Blood
05. Belly of the Beat
06. Kill V. Maim
07. Artangels
08. Easily
09. Pin
10. Realiti ^
11. World Princess part II
12. Venus Fly (feat. Janelle Monáe)
13. Life in the Vivid Dream
14. Butterfly
15. Realiti (Demo) *

^ = CD and digital only
* = CD only

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