Publicist Heathcliff Berru: “I Am So Sorry to Everyone I Hurt”

Publicist Heathcliff Berru has given his first interview since he was accused publicaly of sexual misconduct by many women. In a Brooklyn Magazine article about sexual assault in the music industry, Berru talked to writer Caitlin White via the phone from a rehab facility in California, where he is getting treatment for his drug, alcohol, and sex addiction. “My behavior was wildly inappropriate, hurtful, and terrible,” he said. “But I have never raped or drugged anyone. I can’t accept that.”

Read more of his statements below, and read the story here, which hass a statement from Pitchfork founder and editor-in-chief Ryan Schreiber. Berru apologized for his initial statement, which was given after the allegations first emerged:

I am so sorry to everyone that I hurt. I was made an example of in a way that was necessary given the circumstances. It was time for me to pay for all my mistakes and accept responsibility and face what I did do. When I first spoke out and made that statement, that was me reacting as a fucking publicist. That dry, almost insincere response was the last bit of publicist in me, trying to put out a fire. I tried to live this lifestyle with disgusting disregard to those I hurt.

He continued:

I was a terrible husband, a terrible friend, a terrible human being on every level, and I found my escape through my drugs, alcohol, and sex addiction. That’s something that’s hard, and really hard to admit. In the blind throes of my addiction I tried to live this lifestyle and disgusting fantasy out. What am I left with? Just a path of destruction out there. The life I built was a joke based on an unstable foundation. I can’t believe it went this far and I did so many things that upset so many people to such a degree that it consumed their lives and it is an issue they have to deal with in a very real way.

Berru maintained that even though “made mistakes,” he “never raped or drugged anyone”:

I made mistakes, but I am not a mistake. I had a hard time coming to that realization. I’m in detox and treatment right now; I’ve surrendered everything. I look back, and I can’t help but obsess over it. I look at the things I did, I have to say this: My behavior was wildly inappropriate, hurtful, and terrible. But I have never raped or drugged anyone. I can’t accept that.

He also talked about his decision to talk about his problems:

I think it’s very brave and bold when people stand up. I hope this motivates women and anyone to stand up, and put one foot forward in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable. Particularly sexism in music or entertainment, or in industries where people drink, use drugs and do other things that they’ll use to excuse themselves the next day when they clean up. I want to be a good example for people that have addiction issues. The reason I’m even speaking today is to express sincere apology and to acknowledge that I was a really shitty person and upset a lot of women. Men everywhere are shaken as a result of these stories, and you know what? It’s time that people own up.

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