Band of Horses announce new album Why Are You OK

Band of Horses have announced their new album, Why Are You OK. This follow-up to Mirage Rock was produced by Jason Lytle from Grandaddy and will be released in June, Entertainment Weekly. The announcement followed the scavenger hunt Band of Horses did in Austin last week to tease the album: During SXSW, the group scattered polaroids around the city name #YRUOK. The tracklist has n0t been announced yet, but EW mentions that the opening track, “Dull Times,” is seven minutes long.

Frontman Ben Bridwell revealed that he wrote the demos for the new record in the middle of the night so that he could take care of his four children during day when he spoke t0 EW. “I work all night and then take them to school in the morning,” he said, adding, “I’m the fucking scariest dad in the school, I’m sure.” Bridwell also told EW that Rick Rubin helped make the album.

Why Are You OK has been in the making for a long time. Last year, Bridwell worked with Sam Beam from Iron & Wine for the cover album Sing Into My Mouth.


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