Chris Tomson shares new Dams of the West video for song “Tell the Truth”

On February 24th, Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend will release a solo project under Dams of the West. The album is named Youngish American, and it will be out via 30th Century Records/Columbia. Youngish American is produced by the Patrick Carney, as well as Tomson and Roger Moutenot. The latest update from the project is a video for the new song “Tell the Truth.” Watch the video, directed by Edward Bursch, below.

Tomson also shared a statement about the song and video:

“Tell the Truth,” to me, is a song about objectivity and/or the “blame America first” phenomenon. When I wrote the song, I believed that facts, at some future endpoint, would conquer all. But then last week the guy at my bodega told me we are now “living in a post-truth world” while looking at his Samsung Galaxy Stardust 8GB and selling me a sleeve of honey roasted peanuts so perhaps I was mistaken. Either way, the tune’s got a good beat and you can skank to it.

This video was inspired by the oppressive sense of paranoia that has come to define 2k16 for me. I am fascinated by the way the most trivial bits of footage can be used as definitive proof that, say, a certain televangelist is a shape-shifting reptilian overlord or Hillary def has a malignant brain tumor. While I’m not yet a political figure, I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to see what a closer examination of my own actions might reveal. The results, as you can see, are provocative yet not entirely unexpected.

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