Day for Night festival 2016 brings music and art together in Houston

Day for Night festival launched its second year to a hot and humid December day in Houston TX. This immersive festival full of art installations and music set the stage for some of the most innovative artists in all ends of the spectrum. During its first day artists like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Thundercat, ODESZA, Nick Murphy, DJ Windows 98, Tycho and Run The Jewels lit up the festival with Aphex Twin returning for the first time to the United States after 8 years.

During Aphex’s performance, festival goers felt the icy breeze come through as they cheered from relief, later to be rained on as they continued to dance to Aphex’s hits. It was reported that Björk was dancing in the front row in the rain. Art installations included works from NONOTAK, Ezra Miller, Tundra, and Shoplifter among many others.

During its second day welcomed in artists like Ariel Pink, powerful duo Lightning Bolt, Mykki Balnco, Kamasi Washington, hip hop veteran RZA feat. Stone Mecca, the reunion of Butthole Surfers, Kaskade and Travis Scott.

Björk performed an 80 minute DJ set complete with shrubbery around the stage, sporting a beautiful red outfit with an ornate lighted mask as her followers danced along to various sounds from tribal chants to pop hits. The packed stage where she performed was virtually inaccessible as the sea of people surrounded the stage.

Day for Night festival is among one of the most remarkable music festivals I’ve ever covered since the mixture of art and music coexisting in one place opened the minds and hearts of festival goers that are used to typical grass and mud festivals. It’s surely set a precedent in that community and we cannot wait for next year’s installment.

By: Oscar Moreno

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