Classixx cover Van Halen’s “Right Now”

Classixx have covered Van Halen’s “Right Now,” the hit single from the 1991 album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Listen to it below. The track is on a new compilation album named Loosies, which shows off rare cuts, remixes, and B-sides from independent label Innovative Leisure. Nosaj Thing, Aesop Rock, De Lux, and more are also featured on the album that is set to be out July 14th. See the full tracklist below.

01 Classixx: “Right Now”
02 De Lux: “It’s A Combination” (Peaking Lights Disco Dub)
03 Superhumanoids: “Anxious In Venice” (Hanni El Khatib Remix)
04 Lazer Sword: “Shot In the Nite”
05 Hanni El Khatib: “You Rascal You” (Aesop Rock Remix)
06 De Lux “Moments” (Tom Vek Remix)
07 Mexicans With Guns: “Highway to Hell” ft. Freddie Gibbs & Bun B (Ridin’ Dirty Remix)
08 De Lux: “LA Threshold” (DJ Harrison Remix)
09 Feeding People: “Island Universe” (Free the Robots ft. Phil Nisco Remix)
10 Nosaj Thing: “P8”
11 Nick Waterhouse: “I Cry”
12 We Break Cameras: “Burning Japan”
13 De Lux: “Marquee Moon”
14 Classixx: “A Mountain With No Ending” (Blue Motel Remix)
15 Superhumanoids: “See It All” (Gossamer Remix)
16 Tropics: “Let Go”
17 Crystal Antlers: “We All Gotta Die” (Scientist Remix)
18 Two Eights: “Manifest Destiny”
19 Hanni El Khatib: “Penny” (Classixx Remix)
20 Tijuana Panthers: “Boardwalk” (Delta Spirit Remix)
21 Classixx: “Ndivile” (Daniel T. & Turbotito Remix)
22 De Lux: “Better At Making Time” (Yacht Remix)
23 Classixx: “Just Let Go” (Ray Mang Remix)
24 Superhumanoids: “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”
25 Hanni El Khatib: “Loved One” (Scotty Coats & Wes The Mes Wes Coats remix)
26 De Lux: ”Oh Man The Future” (Daniel T. Remix)

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