Perfume Genius covers Mary Margaret O’Hara’s “Body’s in Trouble”

Perfume Genius has released his cover of Mary Margaret O’Hara’s 1988 song “Body’s in Trouble.” The cover, and a live version of “Slip Away” are available now as part of Spotify’s Singles series. Listen to the tracks below. “I started covering this song on tour almost immediately after hearing it for the first time,” Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas said in a statement. “There are brief moments where the music fully connects in a traditional way, but after a few listens, the most satisfying part is the song’s magic formlessness. I wouldn’t dare try to mimic or recapture her performance, but I tried to sing in the same wandering, mantra-like way, but taking it somewhere a little more sinister. My relationship with my own body is confusing and I use music to try and puzzle it out, or as rebellion against needing a form at all.”

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