Prefuse 73 to release new album Sacrifices, shares new single

Prefuse 73, a.k.a. Guillermo Scott Herren, is releasing  a new album on May 25th on Lex Records. You can stream the spacious instrumental that is the first single, “Basinskitarian,” below.

Sacrifices is Herren’s followup from 2015’s Rivington Não Rio and his collaboration with Michael Christmas as Fudge in 2016. This relatively short record for him comes in at 17 tracks.

You pre-order the Sacrifices record now.

Sacrifices tracklisting:

01. New Salad Intro
02. Late To The Party
03. Her Desire Is to Be Left Alone
04. Transmission Nines
05. Without Anyone
06. The New Year
07. Gravure
08. Washington Heights Lovers
09. Basinskitarian
10. Silver & Gold
11. The World Is Bigger
12. In The Blood
13. Transmission of Eights
14. Azares
15. Dripping With Excuses
16. False Charges
17. We Lost Our Beat Tapes In Mecca

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