Touré Kunda announce first album in 10 years

Senegalese music legends Touré Kunda are returning with their first album in a decade, called Lambi Golo, which will be out May 25th via Shellshock.

The LP will see Touré Kunda returning to their roots, aka the Casamance region of Senegal. The songs “have been cultivated over many years and recorded in ‘village studio’ conditions to preserve the essence of life and evoke the loss of values for confused generations.” The album is being characterized as “a musical thiéboudienne that is both energetic and tender…a vibrant mix of m’balax, casamancais rhythms, funk, pop rock, and reggae and an open invitation to dance, to dream, and to hope.”

Listen to a preview of Lambi Golo below before pre-ordering it in a different language and find the cover art above and full tracklisting below.

Lambi Golo tracklisting:

01. Demaro ft. Manu Dibango
02. Oustache
03. Emma Salsa ft. Carlos Santana
04. Malang
05. Lambi Golo
06. Sene Bayo
07. Fatou Yow
08. Mister Farmer ft. Kiddus I
09. Ka Badiyassi
10. Soif de Liberte ft. Lokua Kanza
11. Deuk N Do
12. Sotolal

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