SASAMI announces debut album, shares video for new song “Jealousy”

Los Angeles songwriter Sasami Ashworth, aka SASAMI, has announced her debut self-titled album which is out March 8th via Domino. She’s shared the lead single “Jealousy” and its music video which she wrote, edited, and co-directed with Kate Hollowell. In a press release, SASAMI said, “The whole ‘Jealousy’ video was born out of inspiration from the scene ‘Bruce Vs Chocolate cake’ from the 1996 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda.” She added, “I wanted to make something grotesque and creepy and funny of course.” Check it out here via NPR.

In a statement, SASAMI described the record as a “a mix of a diary and a collection of letters, written but never sent, to people I’ve been intimately involved with in one way or another.” Check out the SASAMI tracklist and cover art below.


01 I Was a Window [ft. Dustin Payseur]
02 Not the Time
03 Morning Comes
04 Free [ft. Devendra Banhart]
05 Pacify
06 At Hollywood
07 Jealousy
08 Callous
09 Adult Contemporary [ft. Soko]
10 Turned Out I Was Everyone

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