Don’t Mind the Absence

Hi, it’s Isabella, the editor, here. The postings on here have been sporadic and I feel like I should clarify why now, I have been meaning to give an update for a long time but I can never bring myself to it.

I started this website when I was 16 years old, I had just gotten my driver’s license and I wanted an excuse to write abut the music I was listening to at the time, and hopefully one day, meet the musicians I loved. Over the next few years I started taking pictures, collaborated with other writers and photofraphers, and even went to a few festivals through this. Little did I expect it to grow the way it did, on a local scale.

However, this past year changed the way I approach this website and I regret it deeply. I started to prioritze school (by the way, I graduated college and made my first short film, I will upload it on here soon, hopefully), and got a new job slinging coffee in order to survive as I have yet to make much money on this website and got progressively more exhausted and less motivated because of it. I think about what I hoped for this past year, so much could have happened if this or that had not happened, however, The Melodic Tree is not going anywhere, think of this sort of absence as a hibernation. Now that I am (mostly) done with the schooling aspect of my life, I can prioritize this website like I did when I was 16, five years ago, with only a few album reviews (heavily influenced by the Needle Drop, for some reason) and an interview with my favorite mambo musician at the time under my belt.

Take these sporadic postings as a form of hibernation, not truly gone but rather in a much needed rest and break in order to accomplish other priorities in my life. As there is only one of me. Expect more posts, expect more stuff to come out of this website.


Isabella King

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