Carrie Brownstein

Kurt Vile is Carrie Brownstein’s roadie in “Portlandia” sketch

Kurt Vile appears in a new “Portlandia” clip where he portrays Carrie Brownstein’s new roadie in an elaborate birthday present from Fred Armisen. Armisen reveals their new home decor, including vintage equipment, rock’n’roll memorabilia, and a venue bathroom. Watch it below.

New “Portlandia” trailer shows Danzig, drones, man-buns, astronauts, more

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen will return to “Portlandia” January 21st on IFC. As previously announced, there will be appearances from Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips, Louis C.K., Zoe Kravitz, and Glenn Danzig, among numerous others on the new season.

A new trailer for the new season has surfaced today, showing the antics that arrive: drones removing man-buns, portals to other dimensions, Brownstein painting Armisen’s character in the buff, and more. There is a brief glimpse of Danzig’s appearance at around the :48 mark. Watch it here via Vulture.