Constellation Tatsu releases Spring Batch

Oakland, CA’s Constellation Tatsu has notoriously combed through scores of music and yesterday, May 14th, dropped four collections of releases for their Spring 2018 batch.

Alex Crispin’s follow-up to the emotional Idle Worship on Sounds of the DawnOpen Submission, has its ethereal title track streaming below.

The next soothing track, “Blue Reminder,” from the collection is from Japanese composer Chihei Hatakeyama.

The contribution from Endurance comes as Shade Terrarium, with a sort of vibe to it that could be listened to at the dead of night. The track, “Sonata Primar,” has the soft keys and quiet field recordings of many of ambient classics.

The final track is from the Spanish ambient artist, Lunaria. The excerpt from “A Higher Energy Realm” is taken from the artist’s Ascension Now release.

You can go to C-Tatsu’s Bandcamp to purchase the entire the Spring Batch.