Kodaline – In a Perfect World

With wistful lyrics and instrumentals, Kodaline has finally put a name for themselves in their debut album, In a Perfect World. Sounding heavily like Snow Patrol and Coldplay, the young band still has managed to create their own sound. Members of the quartet, Steve Garrigan on vocals, Mark Prendergast on lead guitar, Vinny May on percussion, and Jason Boland on bass guitar, brought their individual styles to the album which brought a unique sound.

Songs on In a Perfect World are deeply melodic and are able to have strong choruses that will bring listeners to a different world with the band. The song All I Want will strike a chord in anyone who has ever been heartbroken. With the powerful vocals and a strong guitar solo, there is no doubt that this song is one of the best on the album.

With a mixture of acoustic, rock, and folk, the album will leave you in a happy mood, however sad the lyrics tend to be. In a Perfect World is far from being the typical break-up album and Kodaline shows that in Love Like This. The track has an upbeat intro and maintains this kind of optimism throughout.

In a Perfect World is cinematic and proves that Kodaline has enough potential to launch their careers further into success.

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