Mind Over Matter – Young the Giant

There are few bands that can redefine their genre as well as Young the Giant. Rising to fame in 2011 after the release of their first debut self-titled album, they came back strong with the release of Mind Over Matter. There is no doubt that members, Sameer Gadhia on lead vocals, Eric Cannata on guitar, Payam Doostzadeh on bass, Jacob Tilley on guitar, and François Comtois on drums. The band has a certain chemistry that has allowed them to become as successful as they are.

Mind Over Matter has a much heavier feel to it than their debut album, Young the Giant. It shows that the band has put all of their effort towards making this album. Two songs in particular, Firelight and Camera, have a more somber feel to them but they display that the band can go from a full band rock sound to a minimalist and slower feel.

Anagram quickly follows the slow and melodic Slow Dive with its upbeat guitar riff and energetic lyrics, which sets the mood for the rest of the record.

Sameer Gadhia utilizes his wide vocal range greatly in the record and the lyrics have a poetic nature to them. His soaring vocals suit the new sound Young the Giant seem to be going for as he uses soothing falsettos as well as choruses that will make you want to listen to the album more than once, especially the title track, Mind Over Matter.

The guitars on the album are reminiscent to the band’s earlier work and both guitarists, Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata have their own individual styles that make the album as unique as it is. The percussion and bass throughout the album show incredible technique throughout the album, especially in the song, Eros.

Overall, Young the Giant completely transform their sound in this new album and the members have superb performances in the record. Mind Over Matter has a vast difference in sound from Young the Giant but there is no argument that Young the Giant has matured in sound since their debut. As Young the Giant explores new sounds, they will no doubt push themselves into further musical depths.

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