Tears You Apart – Finish Ticket

Over the years, indie rock has grown in massive popularity with bands such as Haim and Modest Mouse. However, as this genre continues to rapidly expand, it is hard for up and coming bands to set themselves apart from other bands. Finish Ticket has the energy and musicianship that is unique to themselves. On May 19, they released their debut album, Tears You Apart and the band seems to have a powerful sound to it that will give the band some momentum. With strong vocals and melodic instrumentations, Finish Ticket shows that they have the ability to grow as musicians as the band progresses in this new album. Member in the band are Brendan Hoye on vocals and the keyboard, Alex DiDonato on guitar and vocals, Michael Hoye on bass, Gabe Stein on drums, and Nick Stein on the keyboard.

The vocals, although delightful, seems to be too reminiscent of Young the Giant’s frontman, Sameer Gadhia. However, that does not mean it isn’t unique, it simply means that both singers share a control in their voices and know how to use it. Throughout the album, the tone in Hoye’s voice remains vibrant and bright. Knowing his ability, Hoye is able to channel it in a way that strong but not overpowering.

The instrumentations on this album, especially the drums and piano, are significant in Tears You Apart and do not hide behind the vocals or focus solely on the guitar. It is hard to put a finger on a standout track off of the album as there was nothing absolutely unique. Yet, two song in particular, “Doctor” and “In the Summer” are memorable, both in its instrumentation and lyrically. The guitar dominants through the songs and leads the rest of the band with a mid-pace tempo. The lyrics in these songs are definitely not cutting edge but they will stay in your head for days after listening to them.

Finish Ticket are currently wrapping up their tour. They will open for Ed Sheeran on June 14 and will play at the festivals Music In the Park (July 17) and Outside Lands (August 9). As they continue to tour and support their album, there is no doubt that Finish Ticket will garner a substantial following with their spirited sound and high energy performances.

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