Build Anyway – The Rocketboys

Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, home to a broad selection of bands and venues. From a city with a rich musical history, the Rocketboys seem to have the sound straight out of the large Texas sky. Brandon Kinder, singer and guitarist, Justin Wiseman, keyboards, Josh Rodgers on drums and Josh Campbell, bass, make up the Texan band. Their most recent album, Build Away, gives them a distinctive sound that is hard to find. With rich melodies and heartfelt vocals, Build Away proves that the Rocketboys know what they are doing.

The lyrics throughout the album are sincere and Kinder’s alto range helps him soar through Build Anyway. The vocals are smooth which allows everything to blend together without giving too much focus on one specific instrument. The harmonies in this album are strong, especially in the final track, “The Best.” With powerful vocals, the Rocketboys allow themselves to present their lyrics with vigor. Kinder knows his voice and throughout the album, he never tries to be overpowering nor does he try to sing out of his range.

With energetic instrumentals, the Rocketboys have the expansive melodies of Coldplay but the liveliness of Kings of Leon. Layer and depth seems to play a key role in the sound of Build Away as there are enthusiastic piano compositions backed with eager guitar riffs. The drums in the album are persistent and they never try to push the song further than what is best for it and other the musicians.

Considerable competition within the indie rock scene does not stop the Rocketboys from excelling with what they do. Bright vocals and textured melodies gives the Texas band what they need to expand and continuously improve. Currently recording a new EP, Talk, in Los Angeles, the Rocketboys will no doubt bring the positive elements of Build Anyway into their new music and bring their distinctive sound to a new level.

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