Cayucas – Bigfoot

Cayucas seems to pay homage to their home state of California in Bigfoot, with bright lyrics and simple instrumentations in a lo-fi setting. Zach Yudin, lead singer, started as a solo project named Oregon Bike Trails, however, he then expanded this project into a band with his twin brother, Ben Yudin on bass, and Casey Wojtalewicz on drums. A short but lovely album, Bigfoot seems to have a warm sound. There is obvious influences from early Vampire Weekend albums, but, Cayucas seems to build on this influence rather than simply trying to mimic Vampire Weekend. With that being said, these influences are not bad as there is still something unique to Cayucas’ sound.

The vocals throughout the album are breezy and simple. Yudin echoes his voice and seems to add an effect that would have sounded different than if there were simply just backing vocals. Lyrically, there may not be much depth in emotional meaning, there is still a charm in them that will leave the words cemented in your mind for days after listening. Yudin seems to use gentle vocals throughout the album and it sounds as if he mixes dialogue with his singing.

Instrumentals are simple and informal but seems to give Bigfoot a rounded sound when combined with the breezy vocals. There are a few interesting rhythms throughout the album, especially in “Ayawa ‘kya.” With the way Cayucas plays on this album, they seem to paint a landscape of the California coastline, but there is no main focus, simply a panoramic. Combining a natural sound with electronic, Cayucas seems to blend their surf pop influences, such as the Beach Boys, and their own unique sound in a seemingly effortless way.

An essential on any summer playlist, Bigfoot is a quintessential debut from Cayucas. However, as they continue to grow as a band, there is no doubt that they will develop their own style. In this thirty minute album, the band is able to create a nostalgic feeling for a summer bonfire on a beach in California in Bigfoot. Recently playing at Bonnaroo, Cayucas will be play shows in Canada and various cities across the west coast.

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