Supermodel – Foster the People

In their new album, Supermodel, Foster the People seems to send a message through their music about their opinions on current social issues. With darker lyrics and less electronic influences in the songs, Supermodel seems to be somewhat of a shift from their previous album, Torches. However, there is still the classic neo-psychedelic sound that seems to give Foster the People their popularity. Members of the band consist of Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Cubbie Fink (bassist and vocals), and Mark Pontius (drums and percussion). Supermodel sounds a lot like a toned down version of Torches, using more guitar driven melodies rather than a heavy electronic sound.

With an easy falsetto, Mark Foster seems to explore his range well throughout Supermodel and still maintain his one-of-a-kind voice. Much like Torches, Foster seems to have a sort of distinct tone to his voice that gives audiences a reason to come back to Foster the People’s music that is hard to find elsewhere. In the song, “Are You What You Want to Be,” Foster combines a catchy chorus with clever lyrics. Lyrically, the themes on this album are considerably darker than previously, dealing with Foster’s personal feelings towards issues with consumerism and “the ugly side of capitalism.” Foster the People recorded Supermodel in a two-step process, recording the instrumentals first and then writing lyrics and recording vocals second.

The instrumentation on Supermodel focuses more on the guitar aspect of their music rather than the electronic, unlike Torches. Hoping for a multicultural sound on this album, Foster the People used various instruments in different environments than what they were used to. With this natural sound, there is still electronic influences throughout that fuses the two sounds together in a seemingly stunning way.

A step away from their previous album, this new, eclectic sound on Supermodel will give listeners a fresh perspective on what Foster the People are trying to be. This vibrant collection of pop songs will keep listeners coming back for more.

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  1. oh man, i love this album!! bought it a week ago in france and never regretted it! ‘best friend’ is just so catchy and probably the best song about writers block ever written ;3 i’m going to write a review of the album too, nice to see others love it as much as i do ^^


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