Top 10 Moments of Austin City Limits Weekend Two

10. The Calvin Harris set in its entirety. It was as if the audience almost shook the ground during the set. Mixing a variety of songs, such as “I Don’t Care” by Icona Pop, Harris seemed virtually unstoppable and looked as though he was on top of the world. Many fans had been at the festival since 9, or even earlier, in the morning waiting for Harris, thus making the experience all the worthwhile.

9. When Davy Havoc from AFI crowdsurfed. He went into the crowd various occasions while singing. However, this time, he climbed over the front few rows and balanced himself amongst audience members  to finish off one of the songs. Many fans were glad he had stepped over, and on, them, receiving bragging rights for the rest of their lives.

8. The absolute raw energy during Spoon’s set. The Austin natives seem to have an unwavering attitude to them that keeps crowds coming performance after performance. Their set during this festival was no exception. There is absolutely no beating watching Spoon play as the sun begins to set in the background.

7. Temples’ style and performance. The way the band dresses and sound makes their listeners and audience time travel back to the 1970’s. With that sort of early Led Zeppelin influenced style and psychedelic rock sound, there is nothing that could make Temples’ set more enjoyable.

6. Mø’s general vibe towards the audiences. It seemed as though she treated everyone as if they were on stage with her as she spent a few songs actually in the crowd.

5. How happy Fitz and the Tantrums seemed to be performing at the festival. Performing both weekends and a show in between in Austin, it seemed as though they were still genuinely ecstatic that they were able to perform three times in a row in the Austin.

4. Jack Antonoff’s energy. Playing during what felt like the hottest part of the day, Bleachers seemed unstoppable when it comes down to their energy, and maybe a part of that were a part of that.

3. When St. Vincent pulled an Eddie Vedder and climbed up on the side of the stage and began acting as though she was falling off. Her set overall was the typical wildness that she is so closely related to. At the end of her set, she stole a hat, glasses, and a crutch from various audience members in the front row and wore them until she left the stage.

2. Outkast. Currently on a reunion festival tour, Outkast seems to be just as exciting as they were when they were just starting out.

1. Finally, Young and Sick never seem to disappoint in a live setting. The feeling from listening to their music is so unmatched.


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