Joey Bada$$ and Glass Animals collaborate on “Lose Control”

The dissimilar worlds of New York hip-hop and British pop met on “Lose Control,” a joint track from Joey Bada$$ and Glass Animals. 

The intense verses like the ones found on Joey’s debut, B4.Da.$$ lead the way by the signature slinky production form Glass Animals’ Zaba LP. It is an unlikely but surprisingly good collaboration. Listen in here.
Joey and frontman for Glass Animals, Dave Bayley discussed the track with Noisey UK:

“We were in New York and the session that was supposed to start at 11am, actually started at 11pm. I fuck with Dave heavy – we understood each other’s vibe straight away and worked through the night to create this fire. Nobody got hurt.”

Dave Bayley:

“I got hold of Joey’s mixtape back in 2012 and was hooked. A couple months ago I heard he was into Glass Animals so I got in touch, and when I was in Brooklyn he came by the studio one night. I started playing him some sounds. Within an hour we had the beat and he was like “I’m ready.” He got into the booth and put down pretty much the entire thing in one fell swoop…dude is so talented.”

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