Hot Chip releases studio versions of “Dancing in the Dark”, “All My Friends” covers

While on the road in support of their latest record, Why Make Sense?, Hot Chip has been able to incorporate cover songs into its sets, especially Bruce Spingsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends.” The electronic outfit even performed both with David Byrne at Webster Hall in New York City in August. Hot Chip has now released a studio version of both covers blended into one amazing track.

The track is presented through a video that mixes found ’80s footage of concert clips and adds a frentic energy to the Springsteen classic track thanks to the synthesizers. It gets more and more energetic as it transitions into “All My Friends” at about the 05:00 mark. Listen to it below.

Hot Chip’s version of “Dancing in the Dark” is available through iTunes now, with a four-track EP coming out on October 23rd. As well as the cover, the EP will have an alternative version of “Cry for You,” and remixes of “Huarache Lights” by Soulwax and A/Jus/Ted. The cover will be on the October 24th deluxe edition of Why Make Sense? as well.

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