The Killers prepare for 2015 Christmas single “Dirt Sledding”

For the past nine years, the Killers have released a Christmas single every year, with no exception to this year. The band’s preparing for a new one called “Dirt Sledding,” as mentioned in the Las Vegas Weekly profile of the band’s former tour manager and current Killers music video Santa Ryan Pardey:

A deranged Santa walks up to the camera in the middle of the desert, pulls a tomahawk out of his bag and lights it on fire. The crazed man in red throws the ax at his target, a stuffed teddy bear with a picture of Killers frontman Brandon Flowers taped to its head. It’s a bull’s-eye.

That’s the opening scene of “Dirt Sledding,” The Killers’ upcoming Christmas music video and annual charitable contribution to the (RED) Campaign.

Pardey’s appeared as a character in two of their singles already — 2007’s “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” and 2012’s “I Feel It In My Bones” — and he will return to his role in their upcoming video for the track, which the band is set to debut onJimmy Kimmel’s (RED) World AIDS Day show next Tuesday night, December 1st.

The band and associates have been hinting at the video, which was directed Matthew Gray Gubler, for the past month.

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